The ArK

Our project has been based at The Ark since we opened in July 2008. In that time, we have had more than 400 nights at The Ark!

On a regular night, our folks can enjoy a activities such as game of boccia, arts and crafts or board games. If you just want to relax with a brew and some cake and catch up with some friends, then that is fine with us.​


Other activities that we have provided are drumming projects with Rhythm Reaction, drama with In Another Place, and creating our very own radio show with Liverpool Community Radio! We also enjoy nights out, at various restaurants across Liverpool, or a night at the cinema or ten-pin bowling. ​ 

We have also created a couple of short movies with our own adaptations of A Christmas Carol in Scrooge, Like, and our own interpretation of Cinderella in our very own production of Cinders. 

We have had lots of fun and laughter over the years and that is what it's all about. Our annual fundraising event is the Santa Dash, which is always a fun morning.


It is a tradition that we finish the year with a group meal, which is always a wonderful evening and a great way to celelbrate another year.